Tuesday, 22 April 2014

The wayfarer was once asked by a villager in a town he was passing through, “Where are you going?”. The wayfarer stood there and thought for a while, he looked up and smiled at the villager and said, “I’m going home. Always home”. The villager looked at him curiously, “But why did you leave your home to one day return to the same place?”. The wayfarer, who wasn’t a young traveller anymore, looked up with a calmness and wisdom of an ancient and replied with piercing clarity, “That is the beauty of the journey. To return to a place and see it with new eyes, to feel it with a refreshed heart. I leave in hope of learning, I return in hope of seeing a new reality. One needs to journey not to see new places but to return to old places with a renewed spirit.” The wayfarer left the villager and continued on his journey.

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Sunday, 15 December 2013

There once was a sleepless vagabond, a creature that was neither human or animal. He was a sleepless vagabond that journeyed not just anywhere but was welcome everywhere. People experienced the vagabond in different ways. Some were surprised, others shy and still others were content and excited about the mysterious energy this curious creature brought to them. He was like a friend one could say, though he himself had none, he was everyone's. He didn't speak to you, or tell you what to do, he just guided you. He was the vagabond of all. He was always there to listen to us, one could say he was the companion of us all. His dwelling was not a house, or a hut, he didn't live on the land or in the sea. He lived not in the valley or on the mountain top. He existed where they all existed. In our heart.

One day you realised that the sleepless vagabond had entered your heart, he had entered violently not by his choice but by the circumstances of your own life. You had been sick, not the sickness of headaches or heartaches. You had the sickness of sadness. Now sadness was the worst of all maladies. It terrorised your life into fear. You saw nothing. You were almost gone until he came.  He had actually come to awaken you. He had come to console you. You were grateful. You started to smile. You knew that he had come to warm that empty space left in your heart. That was all that you needed. His little visit was like a brief yet touching reminder that life was a beautiful opportunity granted to awaken to our true reality. A reality filled with love and sincerity.

The sleepless vagabond asked you two questions before he left and that was all that he said.

- How much will you love?

- How will you live?

You were left lingering in thought...these questions had filled you with mixed emotions of the pain of what was, and the pleasure in what was to come.

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Sunday, 15 January 2012

At first destruction and disintegration may seem much swifter than the process of construction and integration. Yet, once the initial rage of destruction has subsided, one must continue on a path towards inevitable transformation. A path that may at first seem destructive is in essence constructive. Those moments when we rigorously self-examine, those moments when collective abomination occurs, those human tragedies that we all abhor, those natural turbulences that leave a trail of destruction; all may outwardly seem as destructive and disintegrative, yet inwardly they are as the initial sun that starts to gleam on the horizon, they are those moments when we are actually polishing the mirror of our hearts, and the path of our existence comes sharply into contrast with our daily reality. These challenges we face are not made to ruin us, but to uplift us, they are not made to destroy us, but create us, we are in a never ending, interconnected web of happenings, that are made at all times for our betterment. Yet are we aware of them, do we see them as such? If not let us wake up from the daze and see the rather the morning haze, that will with time disappear as the light of the sun rises higher with even greater heat and intensity to illumine our reality.

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Thursday, 12 January 2012

Now we just run around, heedlessly for money that we have already spent, for expenses we don't need, on things that are unnecessary. I wonder how much longer we will all suffer in our selfishness, oblivious to our true needs? A house filled with loved ones, isn't that our dream? Have we forgotten the reasons why we wanted those things in the first place? To create lasting, happy memories, or are we content with our loneliness, have we forgotten how to talk to people? Who knows? Everyone will just say its relative to your own experience and that nobody has the right to judge. I agree, its just that there are somethings that are just the same. The soul! No one would argue the fact that we all seek happiness in this life, of which the greatest way to experience it is with others. Those others in our lives are both the life and death of our existence. The challenge is just to be.

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Saturday, 7 January 2012

The path with its up and downs

bends and blind spots, beckons me.
To walk.

As i walk from point to point,
step by step, i pass through
storms and sun showers,
sunrises and sunsets.
Is it i who is changing the weather with my every step?
Is it i who is changing the landscape with my every breath?
left, right, left, right, inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale..
I keep walking on this path or is it a passage,
passed easily or with difficulty?
Why is it not a tunnel like all tales from darkness into light?
I guess there is no end to this path for it must be the journey.

We are all on the path at a certain place,
a specific time in our life.
On this path we sometimes walk,
shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand,
at other times we stop or slow down
whilst other continue to make strides.
It is neither ours nor theirs to judge the progress
of another. For all are on this path of existence.
It belongs to us all.

It is fixed, this path but no one knows where.
I walked and walked to the end of a path one day
thinking I had reached my goal, my destination, my will.
Were not these steps leading me aright?
A fork in the road back there was i right to have gone left,
or had i made the wrong right.
Maybe i had to create a new path all by myself.
Maybe others were to follow this new paved path?
Who knows for i was not at sea, where there is no path to see?
Maybe i should jump into the fathomless deep,
lost within the fluid path,
ocean moving me, wave to wave, from tide to tide?

It wasn't up to me to decide if the path was right for me,
it was just meant to be.
Every one is on the same path,
we just think it to be different.
You are you and i am me.
together we make unity
but why is it that we never see this beautiful reality.

You tell me i need to be on this path,
i say to you this one,
yet we fail to see that from the sun it is neither you or me,
neither land nor sea but specs of dust floating in the black sea
of the super strange galaxy.

What else can one say of an infinite path with finite words?

May this be fleck of dust,
this flower, this tree
this ray of sunshine,
this drop of rain,
be signs to you
on the path of your mystery.

The path that ultimately leads to eternity
though you'll never know nor see.
Just be....

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Thomas was a young man who was always filled with energy. Energy is a good thing people would tell him. He didn't realise it but he was always on the move from one thought to another, from one place to another. He was in motion. One day he found himself just sitting still. The sun was radiating on his face while he was reading as he waited to get to another place. He felt as though there was something new about this experience, but he wasn't sure. He closed the book and looked up. All he could see was movement, interspersed with pauses of motion. He thought to himself what was different about him and his experience? In a split moment it came to him. He was still, sitting, not moving. He felt a joy a curiosity that one experiences when they do something for the first time. This was the feeling he was having. He was still. His movement was animated by the movement that surrounded him. He was in motion while being still. This was the motion-stillness continuum of his reality!

I write while in motion.
How would I write in stillness?

Would these words move too?
Or would they stand still?

Is not the act of writing a movement?
Is not my speaking a movement?
Are not my thoughts movement?
Will they ever be still?

When i'm awake i'm neither fully still
or forever in motion. I am in transit.

What about my dreams?
What about my sleep?
There is no stillness in them either.

ah..maybe stillness is quite,
maybe its loud,
maybe its just the pause between
movement that we call stillness.

Whatever it is, it is...
for we will never know complete stillness
or perpetual momvent.

We will just be still in motion.
Moving from stillness to stillness.
The inner essence of movement.

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Do we ever take the time to be still in the world that is constantly in motion? How important is movement to us both psychologically, physically and spiritually? We are constantly moving from one state of being to another, from one place to another, from one thought to another. It is fundamental to our existence. Without movement we would whittle away to nothing, we would be lost. At the same time something that is as paramount as movement to our existence is stillness. Stillness is the requirement of expansive movement. the ability to stay still, to rest are of utmost importance. Just like those who wander are not always lost. Those who are still, silent and reflective are just moving at a different pace. One could say that both are necessary elements of our existence if we are to be fully alive and perceptive of our every experience in every moment.

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